Friday, March 11, 2005

Sing Spring!

The thought occured to me that in 'Heaven', the weather is probably a hell of a lot like it was in San Francisco today. While the summers are famously cold and blustery as winters, and the winters wet and a dreary grey, March can bring days of such spectacular beauty and surprising warmth that all the days of the rainy season are immediately forgiven.

Back in New England, winter is still in full effect -- blustery, freezing drizzle and snow on the ground -- little chance of any beautiful young woman breaking free of her chill-protecting outerwear for the spaghetti-straps, sheer fabric, spring-colored skirts and bare skin everywhere that is prevalent here in Northern California.

It seems like a good day for a person to embark on new courses of action-- the kind of day that feels like a warm breeze pouring through a window, fresh sheets on the bed and the opportunity for starting something new (though it's just as likely to result in someone kicking back in the sun and doing about as much nothing as one can possibly not do...)

Spring is the wonderful time which ignites the passion of life, the anticipation of outdoor activities and events, the invigorating visual stimulation of the revelation of human flesh bursting free, and the progressive extension of the very daylight in which to relish it all.

The birds are singing, the cherry blossoms are blooming, and life -- if only for a short while -- seems well worth living... even for committed atheists such as me.

Sing Spring!


Blogger pandas unite! said...

believe you me, i spent much of the weekend warbling with ridiculous joy over our spring weather. driving around, looking at bugs on the grass, and falling asleep on the front porch with a crossword in my hands ... ah. if only the long span of marvelous sunny days here in tacoma didn't mean severe drought in a few months ... but for now, i'm going to pretend there's no consequences and try to get a tan!


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