Friday, February 10, 2006


I don't watch or care about professional sports, though I understand that many people do.

The American Superbowl football championship event is just the top of the heap.

Of course, the Superbowl is famous for selling huge commercials for its huge audience and a lot of money and creative energy is spent by agencies world wide to produce spots which aim to make a mark.

Most of them are -- like so much of the mass-media our society produces -- unimpressive at best.

You can see them all at the IFilm page (IFilm took over hosting these a few years back after the cool but unprofitable adcritic site went down).

I went and watched many of them and got what I expected, but the one that I like a hell of a lot featured a bunch of current football heroes practicing what they would say when asked what they were going to do upon winning the Big Game...

"I'm Going To DisneyWorld!"

I really respect Disney. I think they have been a bright spot in the world... always displaying immense dedication to creativity, imagination, and optimism. I am a great cynic, but I feel that Disney is truly sincere in its optimism and that is wonderful.

Enjoy this -- to me -- wonderfully warm spot.


Blogger popmonkey said...

you're nuts man, disney is evil!

**** THE PROOF THAT disney IS EVIL ****

68 73 83 78 69 89 - as ASCII values
5 1 2 6 6 8 - digits added
\_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_____/
5 1 2 6 5 - digits added

Thus, "disney" is 51265.

Add 9981 to it - this is the year "Scrabble" was invented to promote violence and anger, written backwards - you will get 61246.

Turn the number backwards, divide by 23 - the symbol of death. The number is now 2792.

Turn the number backwards, subtract 1934 - the year Shirley Temple starred in her first movie. The number is now 1038.

Divide by 6, the smallest perfect number - the result is 173.

Add 661 to it - this is the year Roman Empire was devastated by a plague, written backwards - you will get 834.

This number, when read backwards, gives 438. This, written in octal, gives 666 - the number of the Beast.

Enough said - QED.



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